Ever Dream About What You'd Do with an Extra $42,000? Maybe Travel the World?

The Savings to Make it Happen.
A recent Milliman study* reported that the average physician could save $42,000 by automating eligibility and claims processing. By automating these key reimbursement cycle steps with Emdeon Office, providers can do far more than just save money: our solutions work together to increase up-front collections and reduce errors to increase first-pass acceptance rates. We can help you automate your more time-consuming manual processes to help you realize savings.

All Payers. One Login.
Emdeon Office connects providers to the largest, most trusted network of payers in the industry for key claim management tasks and eligibility checks in real-time. While payer websites might seem free, managing the numerous usernames, passwords and web addresses can be inefficient and cost you more than you think. Emdeon Office eliminates wasted time by giving you access to real-time information from all of your payers through one page with one username and password. We combine the information and benefits from the numerous payer websites into one simple, secure portal.

One Solution. Low Cost.
In addition to getting all of your eligibility information in one place, Emdeon Office is the key to helping improve first-pass acceptance rates, accelerate reimbursements and conduct real-time pre-certifications. No matter how you look at it, Emdeon Office is the low-cost, web-based solution that connects you to the most payers available in the industry.

For very little investment you can automate so many key parts of your reimbursement and payment processes, you’ll know things are running smoothly back at the office when they stamp your passport!

Ready to stop dreaming and start saving for what you really want to do? Learn more about how we're Simplifying the Business of Healthcare by calling us at 866.558.3581 or contact us online.

*Source of cost and savings data: Milliman. Electronic Transaction Savings Opportunities For Physician Practices, 2006. To read the full Milliman study.

Is Your Office Ready For Healthcare Consumerism? Be Ready to Adapt and Succeed!

Healthcare Reform is Coming
The National Coalition on Health Care* reports that current spending trends show that by 2050 the federal government will have to spend $14 trillion to keep Medicare and Medicaid afloat. You don’t have to be a whiz at international economics to realize that amount of spending is impossible to keep up year after year. The common assumption is that the government will have to reduce eligibility and benefits for these programs and more of the financial burden will fall on the patients.

Historically, the patient billing and payment process has been composed of fragmented steps that relied on disjointed solutions. However, with Emdeon Patient Connect, providers can enjoy an integrated and bundled solution that can help save time and money at every step. Our solutions work together to help make every aspect of your billing and payment cycle quicker, easier and more efficient.

What Does this Mean for You?
The trend toward greater patient responsibility makes it increasingly important for providers to seek solutions that can give them specifics about patient benefits, co-pays and ultimately estimating in advance what the financial responsibility will be after the delivery of care. The ability to give patients accurate, up-front financial information will help them plan for what’s coming and help alleviate concerns about overcharging and unfair billing practices. As the market changes, Emdeon is here to provide you with the intelligent and innovative solutions you need to succeed. Here’s what Emdeon Business Services CEO George Lazenby had to say about what we’re doing to stay in-front of these market changes:

“Emdeon has always been a leader in helping providers determine patient benefits at the point of care. Our eligibility solutions lead the market in terms of payer access and utilization. As benefit plans change and more patients select high deductible and consumer-driven health plans, we recognize the financial pressure that will be put on providers. In response to this change in the market, Emdeon has developed a set of next generation tools that will allow providers to more accurately assess a patient’s true benefits, determine their likelihood of payment and deliver an estimate to assist in patient collections at the point of care. Emdeon remains committed to evolving its solutions to address the growing and ever-changing challenges providers face in their revenue cycle.”

As the patients begin to look at healthcare with the concerns of a consumer, Emdeon is ready to empower you with the unmatched solutions and expertise you need to thrive. Contact us today and learn how we can Simplify the Business of Healthcare for you.

To discover more about how we can help, contact us today at 866.558.3581 or
contact us online.

*Source of budget projection: National Coalition on Health Care: Impact of Rising Health Care Costs on the Economy.

Don't Miss the Next NPI Deadline!

Stay on Top of Important National Provider Identifier (NPI) Requirements

In our industry, the standards, rules and regulations are constantly in flux. How can a busy healthcare provider keep up with the changes? Providers can rely on Emdeon to help clear through the clutter and stay on top of the latest requirements. The quickly approaching deadline to transition to NPI is an ideal example.

On May 23, 2008, all providers will be required to use their unique NPI on all HIPAA-covered transactions. To ensure a smooth transition, make sure you find out which payers require you to register your particular NPI before you begin attaching it to your sent claims.

Since May 2005, when The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the adoption of the NPI as the new means of identifying healthcare providers in healthcare transactions, Emdeon has been busy making sure its products are NPI compliant. We’re still working today to make the transition to NPI as seamless and simple as possible for your healthcare business. Specifically for Emdeon Office customers, we have the ability to support NPI for those who may not be able to send the NPI on their claim file.

To discover more about what we can do to help you simplify your NPI adoption, call us today at 866.558.3581 or contact us online.


Don't Be the Last to Upgrade!

Update your POS Device's Fashion and Functionality with Emdeon

Keeping track of coverage eligibility for your patients who are enrolled in one type of healthcare plan or another can be difficult and time-consuming. Additionally, the more plans in which your practice participates, the bigger the problem is for you or your staff. Conversely, every time a payer rejects a claim, your practice is not only inconvenienced, but also short-changed. Inadequate patient verification creates delays in payments that harm your practice’s cash flow.

What if you could access all the payers you needed for patient eligibility verifications? What if new payers were automatically added to your device? Emdeon Business Services has introduced a state-of-the-art Point-of-Service (POS) terminal that will make eligibility checks a breeze!

The stylish and compact Vx570 POS machine enables users to submit eligibility and benefits transactions to any real-time government and commercial payer in the Emdeon network. The Vx570 increases standard POS performance by offering maximum flexibility and superior speed, creating the most advanced POS processing unit to date.

The Emdeon POS terminals are easy to use for patient eligibility verification and are ideal for front-end locations, such as registration areas or other areas where space is a consideration. With the new POS terminal, you can verify eligibility for Medicaid, Medicare and numerous commercial insurance plans. You can verify eligibility in seconds, receive a printed record of the response and have a quick, simple, and accurate way of classifying patients during normal registration.

And, it’s at a price that makes upgrading an easy decision!

For more information on how our newest POS device can help your healthcare business, call us today at 866.558.3581 or contact us online.

New Payers Launched

Emdeon Business Services Expands Its Reach

Emdeon Business Services is pleased to announce the following
payers as part of our constantly expanding network:

• Advantage Preferred Plus - Claims
• Aetna - Rosters
• Aetna TX Medicaid & CHIP - Claims
• BC Indigent - Claims
• BC of Washington (Premera) - Eligibility
• BCBS Colorado - Eligibility
• BCBS Connecticut - Eligibility
• BCBS Iowa - Wellmark - Claims
• BCBS Kentucky - Eligibility
• BCBS Maine - Eligibility
• BCBS Nevada - Eligibility
• BCBS New Hampshire - Eligibility
• BCBS of Alaska (Premera) - Eligibility
• BCBS of Arkansas - Claim Status
• BCBS of North Carolina - Eligibility
• BCBS Ohio - Eligibility
• BCBS South Dakota - Wellmark - Claims
• BCBS Virginia - Eligibility
• Benefit Management Systems, Inc - Claims
• Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan - Claims
• Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas - ERA
• Blue Cross Delaware - Claims
• Bravo Health Inc - Eligibility
• CHC Cares of South Carolina - Claims & ERA
• GHI - Medicare Private Fee for Service - Claims
• GHI - New York (Group Health Inc.) - ERA
• Health Market Care Assured - Claims
• Healthchoice of AZ - Claims
• Healthfirst New Jersey - Eligibility & Claim Status
• HIP Health Plan of New York - Eligibility
• Keystone Health Plan East - ERA
• OSNA Cigna Commercial - Claims
• OSNA Cigna Medicare - Claims
• OSNA United Health Care - Claims
• Passport Health Plan - Eligibility
• Pittman & Associates - Eligibility & Claim Status
• VYTRA - Eligibility
• WellPath - Claims

For a complete list of the payers in our network, visit our website.

Spotlight on Supplies

Do you use stationery and forms with your practice’s name on it? Have you ever given away items with your logo to promote the name of your practice? Did you know Emdeon can help you with that?

Emdeon Office Supplies distributes to the marketplace the solutions and products your practice needs, from customized promotional giveaways to everyday office materials. Emdeon Office Supplies is your source for:

Filing and Chart Management: All the products you need to keep your patient charts organized in preparation for the electronic medical record, including folders, divider labels and supporting products.

Code Books: CPT, ICD-9, HCPCS, CDT, physicians desk reference, compliance manuals, coding guides by specialty and others.

Office Furniture, Shelving & Cabinets: Reception area chairs and furniture, modular desk units, file storage cabinets and movable storage systems.

Patient Relations: Office brochures, treatment/care instructions, newsletters, announcements, education material, business and appointment cards.

Envelopes: Business, professional, billing and insurance .

Forms: Clinical health information records, laser statements, checks, custom forms and stock forms.

Over 20,000 office supply items to help keep your practice running smoothly! For a complete listing of our office supplies, visit our website.